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Current version:    3.02 (Mar 18, 2012):   After two years, a new WinVi is ready for release again.
Some bugs are fixed, one of them is actually a security issue. Dynamic loading of optional system DLLs
now uses the system path to avoid importing malicious code from DLLs in a remote document folder.

Due to this security problem, I decided to cease supply of older versions.

WinVi is a free editor for MS Windows.
The executable file is only available as 32-bit release for Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, and Windows 7.

At the moment, I stopped WinVi development for Windows versions older than Windows 2000, because I don't have an appropriate PC for this purpose. On the other hand, it is very laborious to port back the last Unicode extensions.

This editor is especially useful for friends of the Vi editor, who do not want to give up the little conveniences offered by Windows. Many people think the advantages of WinVi suggest a turn to this editor.

This is a small selection of the features presented by WinVi:

  • Editing and automatic detection of Unicode files in UTF-8, UTF-16 Little Endian and UTF-16 Big Endian encodings
  • Unicode file names
  • compatibility with Windows Notepad was my main goal
  • nevertheless, it ought to be highly compatible with Vi
  • a hexadecimal edit mode is available for editing binary files
  • speedy program start because it is avoiding use of DLLs, MFC, etc.
  • large files upto 2 gigabyte editable
  • freely selectable background bitmap
  • any font (variable spacing, TrueType, etc.)
  • simple and clear handling with the availability of a toolbar and a status line
  • support for Unix text file format
  • fast change of character mappings for DOS files
  • automatic word completion in command line (tab key)
  • print support with choosable font (double column available)
  • multiple language support (English, French, Spanish, or German)
  • support of mouse wheels
Though WinVi is the superduper multi-purpose text editor you have always been waiting for,
there are a few inconveniences compared with other standard editors available for Windows:
  • no automatic line splitting (planned in several variations)
  • many ex commands are still unimplemented (e. g. :g)
  • no installation program yet
  • multi-byte character sets (MBCS) are not tested and probably have bugs
  • no support for right-to-left writing direction
  • still no hexadecimal printing support
  • no MDI support (not planned for the future)
  • no automatic insertion of date and time (a feature of Notepad I don't like)

WinVi is already a quite good editor (I think), but the project is still far away from being finished.
That's why I have to inform you of the following disclaimer:

Important Note!

This is not a commercial product!  I do not warrant any error-free usability of this application or the correct handling of the features of Winvi described above.
For the safety of your data, keep a copy at any time!

I want say special thanks to

  Yves Bélanger,
  José María Romero,
  Valérie Gunslay,
  Dirk Eberhardt

 for their support
in translating WinVi and
in creating the help files.
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