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Non-Western Codepages

If you want to use the DOS character mode with other codepages than 437 for DOS and your system default ANSI codepage, you can now re-initialize the internal character mapping table by entering
      :set oemcodepage=<number>
after clicking into the first field of the status line. Enter the DOS codepage value of your system. When editing in DOS mode, the characters will automatically be converted to the system ANSI codepage for display.

If you use a non-standard ANSI codepage for display, you can also change the codepage by input of
      :set ansicodepage=<number>
This should not be necessary if you use the system default ANSI codepage.
Note, however, that the codepage is NOT automatically switched when selecting a different regional character map in the fonts dialog (e.g. Western).
New: The upper-case / lower-case conversion command (~) is capable of handling non-standard ANSI codepages now. However, the search operation with enabled option "ignorecase" still uses the standard ANSI codepage for retrieving both case variants of any letters of a search pattern.

These settings are saved when you choose "Use as default" in the Edit Settings dialogbox afterwards.

Please note that this is still an interim solution which will most likely be changed in the future.

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